Girls and their games, what should I do?

There's a girl I like and we take lunch together as we work in the same building. Back in the summer we hung out a lot and I told her I liked her as more than friends, she said she wasn't sure how she felt but after a few weeks said she wanted us to remain friends. After a couple of awkward months (remaining friends and still hanging out) she has now become more flirty with me by play fighting, inviting me out with her friends and telling me the other day in work how great she is in bed and that any guy she has had never leaves her alone. She also lies about guys leaving her notes and sending her stuff (I don't let on that I know she is lying but she slips up all of the time). She gets jealous of my other female friends and accuses them of being in love with me and also makes snide remarks if I book a day off work. Deep down she is a lovely girl though and I adore her but if ever I mention her liking me she denies it still? I haven't mentioned it for a while now as she has been hanging out with another guy so I backed off a bit, she always adds that she 100% has no feelings for him but I never ask anyway? Is this normal behaviour for a 30yr old girl or is it better I continue backing off?


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  • Ignore them and move on.

    • Yeah that's what my friends tell me but it is hard when we have to work together in a small team most days. I will keep backing off slowly though. Thank you.

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