My boyfriend and I are taking a break, so now what?

I told my boyfriend that I needed to take a break from him. Needless to say he wasn't happy... I don't want to break up with him, but he's being a total dick and he keeps telling me to do whatever I want when I'm just trying to discuss simple matters. His reasons for saying this were, "I can't tell you what to do, because I have no power over you". I explained to him that I get that, but as an 18 year old I am just asking for some type of in put.

We talked before about moving in together and going down to Seattle, for school and him for work. Another opportunity came up for me. If I move to texas, I'd have free rent for the years that I'd be going to community college and we'd have a house to ourselves. I got so upset with him, because he wouldn't even listen to me.

I don't know whether to break up with him or not. I've heard before that I shouldn't put up with a long distance relationship, because I'm and have the world to explore... he doesn't seem interested and I don't want to drag him around.


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  • Gaahh! too much drama just break up ?


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