What makes me so uninteresting?

LOL, I know it's a weird question but it's something I have been wondering today. I'm not the normal kind of person I guess you would say. I don't talk much, not because I'm shy or anything, it's just how I like it. I go to parties, stuff like that, chill with my friends, I just like to people watch, listen to people.

I ask because I talk to girls everyonce in a while, but they never seem to be interested in anything other than friends, or small talk. I am a big guy but I'm losing it so it's not something I get hung up on. My friends say that it shouldn't matter, that I'm not a bad looking guy. Don't get me wrong, I've had girlfriends, I was engaged, but we split earlier this year.

I wasn't interested in meeting, or even willing to "do work" to get laid, because I wanted to give myself time to get over my ex. Moving on wasn't something I was trying to rush you know, I loved her, probably still do, loved to experiences we had, so I was trying to rush her out you know.

Recently, like the last two weeks or so, I have been wanting a relationship again. I slept with a co-worker a few times about a month ago, but she understood I didn't want a relationship with her.

It seems the girls that do spark my interest aren't attracted to me. I realize that it could have something to do with my body, I'm like 5'8 260LBS.

I don't really know what I'm looking for, maybe some advice on how to seem more open, or interesting maybe? In the past I just went with the conversions, and my ex's were interested...I had to move back to my hometown whenever my ex-fiancee and I split.

It's funny because I have lived in my hometown off and on after graduating high school for 2 or so years. I haven't found a girlfriend in my hometown since I was in the 11th grade.

I'm just kind of lost about what it is about me that makes women only see me as a friend. The women that interest me anyway.


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  • I heard this theory once that one person will always like the other one more. I don't know how true that is but maybe you're chasing after the wrong girls or that there isn't a lot of variety where you live currently. Weight isn't always a factor and you seem easy-going. Sometimes it's just a matter of who you know. Most people tend to date from within their group of friends unless they live in a big city.


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