Typical ex-boyfriend chatting with you again!

So just started chatting up with my ex.bf reassembly he wished me a happy birthday message on Facebook. I'm seeing someone now but come to think my ex boyfriend doing the average. "I think we should get back together yadayada" he's taking the message since I was the one who dumped him a year ago just acting really kind. The reason why I broke up with him is because he lives in nj and every time he came his mom joined with him meaning never getting alone time and he wasn't how you say intimate as much as I thought it would be. So he understood it and took it well. Why do guys always want to open up again online communication and you wonder something is different I don't know why?


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  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or maybe he wants sex.


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  • maybe he wants to start having sex again?


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