Should I leave a long letter on her car?

I'm 20 and the girl I work with is 17. I messed and we don't talk anymore. I'm sure she also had feelings for me too. I want to apologize but she only works on Sat. once a month and this Sat. I'm only going to be able to see her for 2 hours. I work towards the back of the store while she works on register. We won't be able to see each other much since it's incredibly busy on Sat. I'm not going to be able to see her during break because my lunch ends before she starts her shift. The only times I will see her is when I get called to the front for a price check where she will be with a customer and will be around other employees who somehow know about the situation between her and I. We used to get along great and she often tried to get my attention. I miss the way we used to look and treat each other. I started to ignore her because I got mad about petty shit she did which I totally could not accept her of doing as I believe in being with a girl who has good morals. I cut her off I decided that she wasn't good for me and shouldn't be given a chance. That didn't go well with her and she started to realize what I was doing since everyone at work found out about a certain thing she did. She started to ignore me too and frequently tried to make me jealous by obviously snubbing me in front of other male employees to get their attention. Before all this she always acknowledged my existence multiple times a day by saying "hey insertname!" and I would do the same for her. Then she started to realized I was ignoring her. One time I was in the back working with another guy who was the same age as her. She slowly came to the back to go to the lounge room for break and she walked towards us. She totally ignored me and directly started to talk to the other guy and said "hey do you wanna go on break with me?" he said sure. She went to the break room but he was immediately called to the front to hop on register and he never got to go on break with her. But this is only one time. she's been doing stuff like this many times already to the point that I started (or honestly have been already starting) to do the same thing to her. It started to get worse to the point where I changed my schedule so I couldn't see her anymore. It worked for a while but I would eventually do see her and when I did it was incredibly awkward. I only see her once a month so we are very estranged. I do now regret everything because she really was an amazing person to talk to and to be in the presence of. Ironically the other Sat. we worked together in the back (I always wanted this before all of this) and we didn't say a single word to each other the entire time. We crossed each other path so many times and I couldn't look at her. When I did from a good distance I caught her looking at me, disappointed frown on her face. I won't get a chance to tell her I'm sorry in detail this Sat. so should I leave a long thoughtful apologetic letter on her car explaining my actions and my feelings for her?
Please also explain why I should do so or why I should not do so.


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  • Yes I think you should do it. Too bad you have wasteful commentors like Cromartie on your question. He never takes any questions seriously and just spams bs to sometimes by chance somehow get "best answer" to satisfy his little mind. Sick of seeing him around this site. Waste of a brain all he does is take up space with his bs.


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  • This sounds like a very immature situation. Why can't y'all just talk? Why are y'all not talking, ignoring each other, etc. and what could you possibly have to write in a long letter? Does she not have a phone?

    If you feel you were wrong, just give a quick apology and be done with it. But it sounds like she did something you had a real problem with. That doesn't warrant an's just how you feel.


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