Break up with him or not?

My boyfriend is 7 years older then me.

Since a few weeks I found out that we are so different, that is not a bad thing but I realized every time we have a different opinion about something he gets mad or annoyed if I give my opinion!

For example… He was telling me about a whole planning he made I made a remark something like oh mister punctual! And immediately he got so annoyed..short answers looking mad.

I told him I don't like it and that he should let me have my own opinion too but he doesn't seem to understand at all.

I'm thinking about breaking up because I'm a very positive fun loving person and he is not at all so serious punctual all the time everything has to be planned.

What do you think?


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  • If you have to ask this question, then you already know the answer. Break up with him and find someone who understands you. Life is too short for incompatible partners.


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