What is the normal time to move on and forget about someone?

and how to do this?!

It has been 2 weeks since he broke up with me, but I am better now

I apways make myself busy by reading novels and focusing on my studies but when I see his posts on the newfeeds on Facebook, it hurts me a little bit

Do you think I should unfriend him or what? in both cases I am sad I've lost him :(
I always keep myself busy*correction*


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  • Just hide his posts for a while and try to avoid anything that gives you updates about his life so you can properly move on. After a while you'll feel like you can handle being involved in his life again without it bringing back old feelings and then you can try to be friends again. :)


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  • When she/he starts avoiding you, not responding to you attempts to reach her. '

    He left you, so movie on and find someone else. Its easier said than done but there is nothing to fight for.

  • there is no definitive amount of time. I'm the type of person to dwell on something like that for literally months and months and never get over it completely.

  • There is no set time, it depends on how much you loved the person. Cut any contact with him.


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  • I never really answer relationship questions ,well not anymore since I found out that I'd never really be able to help because no matter how detailed the question is, it's never like the real thing,and I haven't been through a situation like that

    so I'm in no place to give advice

    However, Iswear you've the same problem as one of my best friends ,like the only reason I know you're not her is that she doesn't have an account on gag

    How is his life going?How often do you see him?Why did you guys break up?for how long did you guys date?

    • now I don't see him at all.. we are not from the same district. I don't know how his life is going he is just still a friend on Facebook and from newfeeds he is fine. We have been together for a year, but then he told me he loved me but lost interest :/..and then told you are the kindest person I've ever met and it's wrong to have relationship with anyone! and he just left..

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    • I don't want him back...I just want to know how to forget about him, and yes I'm a senior

    • shouldn't you be studying 24/7 because that's the year that determines your future?

      when I was a senior I used to talk to my boyfriend on weekends ,I had no time to even think about him

      plus it's your senior year ,what's the point of letting it pass you by?

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