Is he possibly coming back around again?

My boyfriend asked me if we could be friends again about a month ago because he was stressed in college and needed to study more and not fail, and he felt bad because he didn't have as much time for me as he used to have. By the end of the night, he told me there wasn't any other girls, his feelings hasn't changed for me, he said we could spend time together on holidays if I wanted, he promised to retake me on a date over the summer, and when I was about to leave, I told him I hoped he came back and he said he probably would.

I've been giving him his space since then, only texting him good morning and good night, and sending occassional messages to his iPod. He's fine with them, and told me the messages help him and make him smile. Lately we've been talking a lot more than we have, and he seems to care still, because of some things he's said. He also said I will probably hear his feelings once his stresses go away. Do you think he's coming back around and we might get back together again?
We talked last night. He asked me if we had broken up and I told him the truth (that I didn't really know because it was never clear and I assumed it was a break) and asked what he wanted us to be. He replied with saying he doesn't know and he wants to be friends for a while. Based on our conversation, he just doesn't know how he feels and I think it's because of how stressed he is in college because he said he thinks it's impossible. We want to try to figure things out though.


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  • It does sound like it, yes, but be careful, you don't want to spend too much time waiting for someone, however much you might want to.

    Be that as it may, you both clearly still have pretty strong feelings for each other and you both appear to be dealing with it very well. Just support him the best way you can (as you seem to have so far) and if he really has the feelings for you he seems to you he'll come back to you.

    • I've made the mistake of waiting for guys who wanted nothing to do with me, but I feel he's different. He keeps apologizing for everything constantly although the point of him doing what he did was so he didn't have to worry about that and focus on school. I think things will work out but I just worry a lot.

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    • Then he's lucky to have someone like you who cares so much about him. :)

      When you get a chance to talk, just have an open and honest conversation with him and see what happens.

    • I was planning on it :) he knows how I feel and he said he knows they're my feelings and he will listen, so between that, knowing he cares and wants me in his life and we were together 10 months and been through a lot together, I hope things get better again.

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  • Seems like it. Just be patient and see what happens.


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