What the hell is going through my ex's head? Is he mental?

Is it me or was my ex boyfriend completely contradictory? He has a new girlfriend and she is completely different to me.

I already know he was emotionally abusive and I eventually broke up with him but what!? Someone please explain.

When I was with him he would make out my Biological sciences degree and university (previously a polytechnic) were crap although they were good. He also used to make fun of contemporary and modern art and said it was crap.

His new girlfriend has a contemporary art degree from a polytechnic university and all she has become with it is a hairdresser.

He said he loved girls with long blonde hair and blue eyes which I am. She is extremely tall, skinny has very short brown hair and green eyes.

He said he hated people who drank and people who go out clubbing. I rarely did any of these things, mainly trying to please him. She goes out clubbing and drinking and all of her friends do.

He said he hated chavvy people and would be really rude about people when we were in supermarkets and things. This girl's friends are all really chavvy.

He was basically an utter snob and looked down on anyone who had less money than him and his family. Me included. I was really poor at the time and he thought he was being nice not putting pressure on me to spend money and instead that meant he never had to take me out and that us watching a dvd and staying in every night was all I was good for. Oh and so he could get sex of course.

What I don;t get is clearly this girl has more money than me and after 4 weeks together he took her on a trip to Paris? Why is he spending more money on someone that can afford more things, but a poor person deserves nothing?

So obviously I am confused by him, is this normal guy behaviour?

It was my first relationship.

Thanks :)


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  • What the hell is chavvy?

    Guy sounds like an idiot though, don't dwell on idiots.

    • oh sorry its a British word for basically well poorer people (ridiculous I know, but it has become so prominent over here it is actually in the dictionary, I hate the word).

      This is the oxford dictionary definition chav

      t av/



      a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of (real or imitation) designer clothes.

      Thanks for your answer

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  • I once claimed I wasn't attracted to full-figured women, my first love was a full-figured woman. My 'type' is a (relatively) short girl with long dark hair and brown eyes, the last three girls I had strong feelings for all had blonde hair and blue eyes and at most one of the other features. I never really believed in love at first sight and was quite convinced it didn't really exist, the last time I fell in love was at first sight.

    Love is not a thing of reason, and (at least in my experience) it tends to give life an ironic twist.

    Oh and yeah, the guy sounds like an idiot so don't worry about it. ;)


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