I'm 18 years old, out of school, unemployed, and recently moved out

A few months ago I was going to college and living with my family, getting financial support. However, a lot of things happened at home and I had to move out. I ended up having to drop out of school and I moved a few states away. I am now living with my boyfriend and roommate. For now my boyfriend is paying my half of the rent and I am paying for food with the small amount of money I saved from summer jobs. I am looking for a job but since I have no car and no license its difficult. Public transportation would be fine...but there's also no place hiring on any of the bus route or in walking distance. Does anyone have any idea what kind of financial help I could try for? I also have to start paying back my loans that I took for school in a month and I have less than 1,000 dollars to my name.


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  • Well the only financial help you can get is public assistance (which includes monthly cash) or ebt food card.

    You have to look for welfare offices in your area, and find out what paper work you need to bring in order for you to apply.

    This should help you for a little while until you get back on your feet.

    • public assistance will also help you get a job, if you do not get one within the 3 months of joining.

    • Ty for ba

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  • public assistance seems like a necessary thing right now. but I'd see if you boyfriend or one of your roommates can potentially drive you to a job.

    • My boyfriend works from 6am to 2 pm then from 3pm to usually 10pm and he's the only one with a car. My other roommate/landlord is jobless and not going to school, he's kinda living off the money his mom left behind and the money his dad gives to them ( VERY well off people) but thank you for the suggestion for public asistance

  • Look for employment offices tons of different sites with job listings, go walk into businesses and just ask them if they are hiring.


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  • Don't stress your young.


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