I like him and he likes me but there is a problem?

I have know this guy most of my life. we grew up together and I just started to like him a while back. I have been pretty confused lately, but when I thought I would like to date him I told him. The problem is that he likes me back but he does not want to ruin what we have. I want to at least have a chance. Is this wrong. I just wondering if I should let this go or how to convince him to give us a chance.


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  • THere is no such thing as a relationship unless the two people are the best of friends. Love will not make learnign each others' hobbies, dealing with each others' quirks and just generally spending time together enjoyable. And to love someone you must know them completely, and to know someone that well and be able to love them you must be friends. And because you guys were friends to begin with if you break up you'll be able to go back to being friend's again. The only reason it's weird is because you each assume the other person is going to be weird about it. if you both act normal and just forget about it everything will be fine again, I promise.

    • Thanks for that it's what I think he just thinks differently. I can I convince him of this though

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