When you break eye contact very quickly, is that because you dislike the person?

I meet this guy often at my company and we always greet each other normally. Actually, in the beginning he barely even nodded, but since then he has gradually become "warmer". Once he said hi with such a smile and low voice that I thought he was just really shy after all.

But then maybe I was mistaken and he isn't so shy, because he's the one arranging some sort of Christmas related event to which just a few people, including me, were invited...

Anyway, I'm thinking this is a good opportunity to talk and such and must be a good sign, yet today we made eye contact I suppose accidentally twice, and both times he turned away REALLY fast!

What's going on? I thought he wanted us to be friends?

Maybe he doesn't want me to think he's interested in me or something, but I wouldn't think that anyway just from a simple look...

He's not the only reason I'm attending that event, but if he thinks I'm repulsive or whatever, why invite me, right?...


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  • It's hard to judge eye contact as a sign of anything these days.

    Sometimes a stare means nothing, sometimes everything.

    May be he is shy. Remember it’s the office. The office is a weird social experiment. Can you flirt? No, you shouldn’t.

    Can you joke around? No, get back to work.

    What’s most important is what he does and what he says.

    If it isn’t romance you are looking for, then it doesn’t matter anyway as long as he is polite and friendly.

    • Actually I kind of like him but, as you say, it's the office and I've been battling against it, also thinking he's too handsome to not have a girlfriend already, haha.

      But even as I say this, I know there are several couples in my office already and we work in different departments... and the rational part starts losing.

      If the most important part is what he does and says, then should I take the breaking of eye contact as obvious disinterest?

    • I have no idea his interest. Some people have no social graces. The best thing to do is to talk. Engaging him in conversation will indicate how he acts inside the comfort zone. He could shy away because he’s actually shy, or uninterested, or he’s an idiot and doesn’t realize what he’s doing. It’s hard to look at someone for a long period of time unless you are a child. You ever notice children will look you in the eyes and just be themselves? Somehow as adults we grow up and loose this ca

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  • Of course he turns away really fast when he's been looking at you, your eyes meet and he does'nt want to seem like a creep staring at you. And of course he doesn't think you are repulsive. Hard to tell from this but at least he thinks you are OK. He's invited you to an event so you have the perfect reason to go up to him and talk about it. Then you can find out more. Talk to him, show your interest for this Christmas event and who knows

  • He's shy when it comes to eye contact. Trust me, I do it all the time and then I kick myself for it.

    • Really, just shyness after all? You do that because you like the girl or is it just any girl then?

      I do hope he's kicking himself as well, haha!

What Girls Said 1

  • No, I'm shy

    • Oh. Do you do it everyone then?

      Also, if you don't mind me asking, if that person still goes and talk to you, do you find it bothersome?

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