Single female thinking about doing a big move/change in life. From CA to MI.

I know you guys don't like long questions but try to stick with me here, If you have the time I could use your help.

My grandma broke both her hips and moved from her large home in Michigan to my family's home in California so we could care for her,

it is very crowded here, 7 people in our 3 bedroom 2 bath home, my brother sleeps on the

couch in the family room and my grandma is sleeping in the living room, Her house in Michigan is empty she is still paying all the bills for it and has to

hire gardeners and people to maintain the home. I am not liking my job and have been selling all my possessions getting ready for a big change...

I was thinking of moving to an apartment here in CA but then thought...what if! What if I move to Michigan... alone, see it as an adventure... new land to explore!

I went once during summer and it was beautiful.. I love land scaping so I could help her land scape and I'm good at selling stuff so I could see her possessions like

she been wanting to do

and help get her house ready to sell like she's also been wanting to do...I've been wanting to be independent this could be a great opportunity... It's scary though

Oh also I wouldn't miss anyone here... I actually really hate going out thinking I'll run into old friends or ex's, my town is kind of small like that..

For now I am preparing, like I said I am selling nearly all my possessions, just keeping the bare, bare essentials... enough to fit in a back pack and a duffle bag maybe and I have been saving my money,

basically ever since I got my first job at 17 and I'm 21 now. I am very tight with my money, also my parents and grandma may help me out if they see I'm doing a good job in MI and if they have faith in me

I am afraid of socializing with the people in MI I don't trust many people, what if I tell them I'm living alone and someone breaks in? She lives in a decent town though, crime should not be too bad. ah I just have so many thoughts in my head,

but I like the idea of working toward and looking forward to something... oh and the winters... I have heard horror stories... Also we have family in MI and they live about a 30min away from my grandma's home..

I am really looking forward to having land to start a veggie garden, she has about an acre, also I want to live a peaceful and quiet life, I am like an old granny myself, I don't party, just stay at home and I like it that way. I like to work on projects and crafts, read books, I could learn to fish because she lives by a lake...loneliness is not a concern, being coped up with 7 people has made me crave alone time. Safety and what to do during emergencies is a concern however... anything else I should worry about? Any advice? Thank you:)

I feel like crying right now I am researching the town my grandma lives in there is a Co Op grocery store, beautiful furniture store I remember going in as a kid and the lake is so pretty lots of nature and green grass... I really hope I can get it together and move here. I am so shy but maybe I can break out of this shell!


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  • I live in Michigan and I love it. A lot of people from warmer states fret about the winters, but unless you're living in the Upper Peninsula its not that big of a deal. Buy a Subaru if you're worried about driving in it. A big thing is making sure you have something fun to do in the winters. Lots of people go skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing (okay, maybe not a LOT of people do that), and other winter stuff. If you just prefer hunkering down with a nice book and other stuff like that, you'll be fine.

    As far as safety and what to do during an emergency - having family 30 minutes away is a lot better than most people anywhere have for help in an emergency. As far as safety goes, you mention that your grandmother's town is nice so I don't think you have anything to worry about - you might just have nerves about going out on your own for the first time.

    One thing I'd be cautious of is job prospects in Michigan. The state has fairly high unemployment, and depending on your education and/or skill set the community you live in might not have a lot to offer (I get the impression its a small place). Check out where you could work well before you pack up and move to Michigan.

    As for everything else, it definitely sounds to me like its time to get out of your house. Whether its a move across the country or to an apartment down the road from your parents, do yourself a favor and get out there on your own.

    • Thank you! Yes I really need to get out of here, a change would be good for me, I have been stuck at home and I just want to live more free and not have my parents voice in my head all the time. skiing and snow mobiling sound fun:) I just live granny because I like to live cheap.. Instead of a car I'll ride my bicycle. I could save up and spend my winters in Florida, or stay indoors, use the time to study and come up with a work from home job. I will work anywhere that pays minimum wage,

    • I just need enough to buy food, and anything else I will give to my grandma to help with the bills. I am just thinking out loud here:)Thank you for your kind and helpful answer:)

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  • go for it

    ask them

    preperation is key

    I think it will be good. They get a house sitter and you get to try it out onn your own

    Why not try it out for six months.

    If they say yes, you have nothing to loose.

    Make good friends, ask lots of questions, live your adventure

    I'm happy for your outlook

    • thank you!:) yes that is what I am trying to say, I am going to be the house sitter and help my grandma sell her home which everyone wants her to do, just everyone has other obligations/are unable to travel, except for me... I just need to keep that positive mindset, it is an adventure:) because if I want to make it scary I can... but I have the power to make it a great experience if I maintain a positive attitude regardless of what may happen. Thank you zen master:)

  • If you can handle the winters...and it sounds like you're anticipating being financially supported the whole time? What are you going to do when your grandmother passes? Can you afford that home on your own? What about the fact that it goes to your grandmother's children after her passing?

    • my grandma already pays bills for the house(It would be nice if I could chip in/take over the expenses), I live very cheap and am conscious about everything I use and money I spend. I have a few thousand saved I figure that will last long enough til I can find a job, I will work minimum wage just enough to buy food and cover my minimal expenses. The home is paid for... though my grandma may have other debts... so they may come after the home... but that is why we should sell it.

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    • but she is already paying all the bills while no one is living there, also I forgot to mention there is no way she could live on her own again so that house will continue to be empty until we sell it for her, she's been living with us for close to two years now. It will just be me a,single female, I don't eat that much, will be conservative with the electricity, heating, etc. I will work minimum wage and my parents may be able to help out too... they would really like to have me out of the house

    • Ok, since you have it all figured out - go for it.

  • great lets change places :) you live in my michigan home and take CA home :)


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  • If its something you really want to do and ypur family has no problems with it,why not?

    I have a co-worker who came here to the States from Iran...ALONE.

    Good luck..

    • moving alone from Iran, that is very admirable!... the pioneer spirit! I need to light that fire inside me, maybe I have something wonderful to offer MI, I have many skills and am open to learn new skills. I can make it work, I just need faith, and my relationship with my family has become very strong, I think they will support this decision. Thank you for your answer!

    • You're welcome:)

      I must say,you sound very mature for your age.

      Good luck!

  • it sounds like a great opportunity. more cost effective for your family too. I think it would be best to seize the opportunity.


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