Can't Fight This Feeling.

I am finding it really difficult to get over my ex-boyfriend. I'm 22 and he's 25. We broke up in September but were still talking pretty much every day for about a month, we met up a couple of times, and then a few weeks later he found someone else. I am so upset by this as I feel he's moved on too quickly, he moved on after two months and we were supposed to move out with each other, and he used to say we would get married and have children etc. I thought he was the one, and now he's let me down by breaking up with me and moving on so fast. Is she just a rebound or could it be the real deal? She lives miles away but is doing a placement at his work and will be gone in a few weeks, I lived the other side of town and he used to complain about travelling that far. But what if she, unlike me, can change him and make him visit her and they work out? I feel like there is something wrong with me because he could not make the effort with me but he could with her? Also he was obsessed with spending time with his mum, like I would never want to come between a mother and her son but like he used to say that he never sees her anymore when we used to practically live at her house? Also he used to turn down making plans with me as not to disappoint her. What am I supposed to think?


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  • Hey, this sounds like a similar story to something I went through. I asked a girl to marry me almost a year ago and she accepted, things happened where we couldn't spend as much time together and she told me we are going to have to break up because she didn't have time for a relationship. I tried to speak to her but she ignored me for probably two months and it upset me pretty bad, by the time she talked to me again two months later she was already seeing some other guy and that really upset me because I felt like we were going to be together and she was able to move on so fast. The only thing that helped me get over her was by going out with my friends and having them introduce me to other women, while it may no have been the same as the girl I lost, I had to tell myself she made the choice to not make it work.

    • Thank you. Its kinda good to know that other people are going through it and I'm not the only one. I mean of course I'm not the only one but when you're feeling that pain it does feel that way.

      I guess you're right though he chose not to make it work, well I don't even think he realized that it was because he couldn't make the effort that we weren't getting along.

      I'm sorry you had to go through that :( I hope you're over it now.

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    • 10 days a go I went dropped some things off and it was just before I was going out with the girls so I was all dressed up and I didn't want to cry, but I did. He told me at the time that there was nothing going on with that girl, I found out last Tuesday by his brother's girlfriend that she's been staying over a lot and stuff. I was really hurt he lied to me. I text him and he rang me saying I need to stop contacting him for a while because he is seeing this girl and I was very upset on the phone

    • I see, I would be upset as well, he clearly does not have compassion for what your going through now he is just focused on himself.

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  • There's nothing wrong with you, you just weren't compatible. You'll be able to find someone else.


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  • Just foucus your attention on another man


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