What are you guys thoughts and stories of a rebound relationship?

I really don't date often, but my ex went out and got a rebound. What are y'all personal definitions and stories of rebounds? She brags about him a lot. Could she actually like him a lot? My ex and I dated 3 years we were each others first.


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  • Crap my rebound ended up being a long term thing.. I never was interested in him until he started actually treating me well. I actually ended up loving him- but guess what... there was always that void in that past relationship. I texted other people and heck- even cheated on him.

    & he took me back over and over again- & I came back because I knew I can.

    Your ex, she probably does not like him a whole lot, she probably uses him to pass time. Unless you're just assuming her new boy toy is a rebound... if he is truly the man she wanted to be with... well maybe this is a different story.


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  • Rebounds are ramps and exits on a highway. If you don't wanna go down this road, you can always exit it,


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