Weird relationships... stealing boyfriends... relationship with boss & professor.

Professor 39

Boss 30

Bestfriend's cousin (she still does not know)

Brothers Bestfriend

Funny guy in class

My Best Friends crush..

Like seriously... I don't know if it is like a problem but I have just done this all the time as I grew out of my teens into my early adulthood.

For example, when my ex and I broke up because he was talking to this girl (w/out malice)... I got vindictive and found a way to "accidentally" steal her boyfriend.. and he ended up loving me within a week and broke up with her.. & When I knew he was done with her I ended it with him..

There are tons of stories like this with my bestfriend...friends.. exes ex.

Why am I doin this?


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  • It is so great that you realize you have a problem. There is help available out there. Check out what is on the web concerning cluster B personality disorders. This kind of behavior is destructive to everyone around you and will leave you with no meaningful relationship in your life.

  • u want what you can't have (but then prove that you can get it for your own self esteem) and use sex as a weapon. Tread carefully something bad is coming if it hasn't already.

    Sounds like you have some problems with your self image. Don't be one of those chicks who needs guys constant attention to be happy

    PS I don't mean this in any way bad. The fact that your here asking our opinion shows that you are starting to see something up and perhaps are willing to make a change. I'm offering possible causes of your behaivor


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