I want to share my life with ex - not in contact.

This is crazy but I miss my long distance ex like crazy. I really and truly thought he was the one and I'd marry him.

He broke up with me out of the blue because "the distance was making things not the same and we couldn't make it to the end"

He was then a continent apart. He gave me no time to say my thoughts and said the breakup was "final".

He always promised me we'd forever be friends but we honestly are not in talking terms,

It's been over a year since we've broken up and I think of him everyday. I have dated others, taken time off from dating, kept busy.

I long for him. I really thought he completed me.

My sister is getting married soon and I just want to be there with him and share my life events with him but when I reached out a few months ago he ignored me and blocked me on one of our communication methods

Is there a way for us to be friends again. I want him back so bad but sure he won't take me back

We are both 22 and spent 6 months together when he did a co-op for his job with me here. I am still in college.


thanks please reply I'm struggling


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  • Sorry you are going through this. You only knew each other for 6 months? Then sadly this seems like something you cannot reverse. Do you long for him or do you long to be not ignored.

    Either way, if he's hurting you this much now and not caring about it, then he's not worth your energy any longer. You waited long enough.You are 22? Best time of your life to go date other people. Keep looking and soon enough someone will pop into your life that will make you forget all about this guy who can't even communicate with you.

    • Yes 6 months of in person dating but also did 5 months of long distance saying we loved each other everyday

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  • No, you are not getting him back. For God's sakes, you're 22 - this is the PRIME of your dating life. You are the hottest you will ever be, you have the world ahead of you...seize it! There are PLENTY of men out there, many of which will make this ex look like a total loser. Get out there more and date.

  • It doesn't sound like you had closure. You may get it when you ask him to the wedding. My thought is be calm...cool...collected and be happy that he is there, but be independent. Boys love that shhit


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  • Find a new guy dammit.


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