How should can I get her attention?

Ok, here is the deal. I moved back to my home town about eight or nine months ago. When I first got back, I went to a little get together and seen this girl that I knew and had a crush on in High School. One of my old friends and her were hooking up then, nothing serious but I didn't want to mess with that, you know? Plus, I had just split with my ex-fiancee, so jumping into something wasn't on my mind. Well, as those things normally go, lol, her and my friend stopped talking.

Well, now, I don't see her, we don't run with the same crowds I guess. Like I said I had a crush on her in high school, and I still like her/interested by her. Well. I added her on FB months ago.

For all I know, she is single, but like I said, I never see her anywhere anymore. I would like to ask her out, but I don't know how I could do that without sounding creepy(lmao).

I mean normally, you talk to a girl, face to face, then if everything is going well, you get a number or something you know. Once again, like I said, I don't see her, ever. Which I know probably sounds creeping, because I'm interested in a chick I never see, but I always think about how a date with her would go whenever I see a picture or status or something that she posts.

So any guys have advice, maybe you had a similar situation, or girls give me some advice on how to approach this?


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  • I would say the best approach is a kind of happy medium between fb stalking her and asking her out in person lol. I would try and figure out where you might be likely to run into her, and then as soon as you see her in person and get the opportunity to chat (which I'm hinting heavily could be a carefully crafted coincidence) just straight up ask her out! I had a guy that I knew from high school do this and it was so attractive that he had the courage to admit his interest and ask me on a date I was so impressed! I bet she will be too - but face-to-face is 100% the way to go with those kinds of declarations ;)


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  • Send her flowers and ask her out on the note

  • Throw a little get together at your house. Email he personally and ask if she wants to come. If she does, then you have your chance to be a smooth operator and put your moves in play. If she doesn't, cancel the party, lol.


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