He keeps sending me mixed signals?

The guy I like and have feelings to makes me confused a lot. We talk in net, know each other for long and all this time he acts like he likes me a lot. We even talk like we are actually lovers, but when I say that I want to be together he says we are friends. I proposed him to meet and he said if he ever wants us to meet he should be the one who asks me for this.

He is really intersting and smart man, I always find subjects to talk about with him. But he is too weird sometimes, maybe that's what attracts me a lot to him :)

Before, when I was insisting on being together and I was saying "either we are lovers or good bye" it always finished us to come back to talking...Now, when I stopped reminding him about this subject, things became better and we again talk like we are lovers...

Still he sometimes tease me ( Because he does it with smile on his face) saying that we are friends...

I know, that untill he tells me we are dating I can't say that we actually do, but maybe someone from you can tell me why does he say one thing and do another? I believe that friends don't send kisses and hugs to each other...and as long as we are not near he can't use me for sex or similar stuff...


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  • He's just entertaining himself with whatever it is you guys have. Drop him, move on.


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