This guy doesn't want me to be his rebound?

We have feelings for one another, as I was a friend that was helping him through the aftershocks of his abusive relationship that ended 6 months ago. I want to spend more time together. He's afraid of things progressing past friendship - as he has told me that he's afraid to come over because he knows he'll want to kiss me - and him hurting me because he said he has no heart right now and to truly love, he needs to feel alive and he hasn't in months. We took a week break from each other. He came back saying he was ready to date. He wound up blowing me off again. We had words, he said he was "not ready to try and move on" and we kind of parted ways, though I told him I was there for him if he needed me. He comes back two days later and explains, saying "Hey. I know you think I'm a huge asshole. I just don't want to put you in a situation that you don't deserve to be in."

This guy is super insecure and very shy. He's so afraid of hurting me and thinks he doesn't deserve me. Do you think he's just afraid I'd be a rebound, or he would take his ex back?
We talked like old times yesterday, then he messaged me last night and said, "I hate life." Then, "I hope you had a good day" before disappearing after I responded.

I seriously question why he seems to have closed off from me so.


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  • he sounds really traumatized, so he's going to shy away from any kind of intimacy, and for good reason.

    You'll have to be patient..and avoid situations that will spook him I wouldn't ask him over if it's going to be just te two of you, for example.


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