Why do most women under 25 say they don't like nice guys since they don't make a move but when they do?

But when they do make the first move they reject them?Wth?So obviously about not like nice guys cause they don't have the guts to ask women out is a bunch of bs since when they do most of the time they get rejected.Also,I am referring to U.S. born women under 25 and I am not saying all women and girls under 25 are like this but MOST ARE. Even many of the ''nice women'' that go to church a lot,etc. are that way. I am 22 by the way and once again I am referring to MOST females under 25 years old.


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  • If you're a guy who refers to yourself as "nice" it generally means you have no other positive qualities to list instead of that.

    Not being an asshole is not an accomplishment!

    Also, girls don't sit around saying "All I really want is a guy who treats me badly, is unreliable and over all just an asshole."

    All we want is a guy who will come up to us, make his intentions known and ask us out instead of passive flirting with us for 2 years while he works up the courage to ask us out at the point he's turned into a complete doormat to us where he's no longer himself but rather what he thinks we want.

    • And yes, we can take initiative and ask guys out ourselves and I do do that but the confident guys ask us out before we do.

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    • I don't get it women say they don't like it when a guy askes them out too quick and now you are saying this.

    • When we say we don't like right away what we mean is you pass us on the street and say "wow you're hot. Want to go out?"

      If you're talking/flirting with a girl give it a week or two.

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  • Yes, you're right, that' sjust an excuse, to justify the women belonging exclusively to mostly arrogant, jerky guys.

    But those tend to be the guys with boats,airplanes, and money to spend on them.. Mostr girls don't want to admit why they only look at such guys.

  • I just asked this question yesterday: link

  • You are asking why some children contradict themselves. I don't think that really requires too much thought, do you?

    • I said women and girls.When I included the women I was referring to ages like 18 to 25.Most women 25 years older become mature.

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    • Yes true but what do I do? Many women don't like dating guys that are younger than them since it makes them feel old. What should a 22 year old guy like me do?

    • Relax. Kick back. Just stop giving too much attention to this "problem". Things like this rectify themselves with just a little exposure and time. You'll be surprised how often not focusing on a problem actually solves it when it comes to humans.

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