Texted ex girlfriend because I really need her right now?

So I just found out today my mom has cancer along with many other things..Was told she only has up to a year to live.Doctors are usually wrong with this...Our break up wasn't bad.but lets just say she lied to me about everything...at this point it doesn't even matter.i texted her because I need her.as a person you know...someone that I love to tell me its ok.to tell me ill be fine...not to be afraid.she did respond and were talkng.now I kinda feel like an idiot because I shouldn't have put pressure like that on her.Was I wrong for feeling like I need her right now?


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  • You weren't wrong for feeling anything. I can't say it was the best decision, but you're not wrong for feeling like you want to talk to someone. If you have any other options to talk to (other friends, other family, a therapist) I would high recommend talking to them instead of an ex that hurt you in the past. It's okay though, and she probably understands that you are hurting. When we are at our lowest we don't know what to do and it's completely understandable. I've been super desperate at many points of time, and resorted to awful things. I'm sorry about this news, and I'm not the best when it comes to talking about this, but I really hope you and your mom stay strong, and just try to make the best of what is left. My grandma is in a very bad condition and I don't even know how to react, I've never faced death before. I just hope you can stay strong and please find better sources to talk to. Don't beat yourself up over anything.

    • thank you...

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    • Well if she was sincere and she actually couldn't be there because of reasons then I don't think you should beat down on her. Plus, ex's are ex's and it's not her job to suddenly pop up whenever you're in pain. She's your ex for a reason. You're not friends, and she's not your girlfriend. Whether or not you love her doesn't make a difference. You shouldn't hate her for it, it's just how things work.

    • Yeah...I dated a compulsive liar.lol.The whole 2 years she lied to me about absolutely everything.Saw the real her on Facebook...So I'm sure it was just one big lie.Since she never said how the xray went or what what happened to her car in the accident.I mean I get it..she doesn't want to waste her time on me.That fair..but when I said if you can't be here for me its ok.Wouldnt have just been easier to say I'm sorry...but I really can't be there.Honesty is so much easier

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