How to understand shy guys?

Short version: Do shy guys ignore girls they like? How do you understand if they are interested or not when signals are so mixed?

Long version: We've been hanging out for a couple months platonically. Two weeks ago we hooked up. It was great and we ended up going to breakfast together. He asked "how do you feel about this" and I brushed off the question because I didn't want to have a relationship talk. I didn't hear from that after that and assumed he didn't want to spend time with me.

But, when I saw him he was overly friendly and a mutual friend of ours has been awkwardly forcing us to spend time together. He talks to everyone else when I'm not there and ignores me when I am. When I text him he texts back immediately. Why is he being so awkward? I'm fine pursuing something more or being friends...I'm just not sure if he likes me or isn't interested.


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  • Why is he being so awkward? If anyone is sending mixed signals it's you. You start out as friends, have sex with him, then when he tries to talk about it, showing he cares enough about your friendship and probably wanted to make it more, you brush him off.

    He's probably hurt and angry which is why he's ignoring you in person. He's answering texts because he still wants to at least be friends with you, maybe pursue a relationship.

    First step is apologizing to him for brushing him off.

    • All I said was, "How do I feel about what?" in hopes that he'd clarify or say something so I didn't have to first. But I agree with you and I can see why he'd have a reason to be upset. How do I bring up this conversation without making things unbearably uncomfortable? I'm a shy and introverted person so this is difficult for me.

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    • You're right. Thank you for the advice.

    • No problem, I hope you work things out.

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