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So I have this ex I guess you could say I dated on and off about 8 years ago for a total of about 2 years. We stopped talking for 5 years when I left him for my other ex because he wouldn't give me the relationship I wanted. So we were talking tonight for over 2 hours and he kept brining up the past saying I was his number one girl and he misses me and hope something can work out while he's home from London. He loves in London right now so I keep telling myself not to get emotionally tied up because he can't give me what I'm looking for long distance... He refers to me as an ex and I always thought it was just sex for him... Does it seem like he really cares about me and timing is just off or am I still a booty call? Should I meet uP with him?


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  • I could be wrong... but that is street talk. "#1 woman " means there is a #2 and #3 or more. There is a possibility that if you hook up, you will reranked to #4. Be careful. Know what you deserve.


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