Guys how do you act differently when you want sex compared to a relationship?

Take this senario

Despite it being LDR and pretend you didn't care about that factor. if you really liked the girl what would you do different.


you met on a tour you hit it off sleep together acted like you were together for a couple of weeks. Then you've gone your separate ways kept in touch via fb messaging and chatting, she's back home in the same country as you diff city though, but your still travelling. you as the male have done most of the contacting and mentioned her to visit you in your home town and to visit her in her hometown and also a visit to the town in between you.

would you say keen, or how would you act if you only wanted sex from the girl and nothing more.


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  • In this scenario, I would invite her to meet in a town adjacent to my hometown to keep my personal life: friends, family, address, etc., away from our personal situation, if my sole intent is to sleep with her.

    The same would apply if I visited her in her city. I wouldn't do the wine and dine thing, nor would I extensively invest in getting to know her or what she is about. I would simply come to her town to get to the point as soon as possible, then I would part ways shortly after.

    • are home towns are a flight away there not connected by land even though its the same country. and he is asking me to visit his home town and an ajacent town and my town. when I visit the ajacent town its with all his friends while we are there at the same time. whom I have met. [boys weekend] wouldn't it be easier to find someone else for the night there if its just sex?

    • Yes, it would be easier for him to have sex with someone else for the night. I must say, it does not sound like he only wants sex with you. He has introduced you to his inner circle which suggests that he wants you to be a part of his life.

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  • I guess I would not text the girl all the time and only contact her late at night. Unfortunately though, I always want a relationship and the girl always wants nothing to do with it.

    • what about the time difference. if he is contacting at night and we live in diff countries does that matter? we also have convos during the day he initiates usually. and its usally every couple of days as he is still travelling?

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