Is anybody surprise that Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce from Lamar Odom?

Like mother like daughter, first her mom Kris Jenner filed for divorce from Bruce now Khloe leaving Lamar.

Both Khloe and Lamar look like they was a happy couple, so I don't know what to make of this.

Instead of divorce, do you think she could temporally moved out of the house until Lamar straighten himself up?

There's a possibility that once they get a divorce, and she feels like Lamar has changed his ways later own in years, she might fall for him again.

Khloe should of know with Lamar being a ball player, he's gonna have groupies, when she first met Lamar, she started out as a groupie herself.


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  • I think he wanted to leave her and then because of the media necessity for her to MAINTAIN her status - she decided to file for divorce first so that it would seem like she was the winner in this situation. Think of this: She almost ruined his career by forcing him to participate in Kardashian video tapes instead of playing basketball. You know a basketball player can often make around 100 000 000 a year. My uncle used to practice Chinese medicine on basketball players and he charged them 6000 dollars for 20 minutes of healing - while charging everybody else 60 dollars an hour.


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  • Let's see, he cheated on her repeatedly, made a video with a friend where he admitted that he cheats on Khloe when she goes out of town and he's a crackhead.

    • I didn't know he cheated on her, I knew he had a drug problem, but I thought he was getting some help with that.

    • @UPDATE: They've been living separately for like 6 months now. And his drug problem eventually got really bad. That's what she and Rob are referencing on the KUWTK episodes. In particular where he keeps calling her and Bruce and she starts laughing awkwardly and Rob tries to vouch for her saying that Lamar just has weird sleeping habits. But really it's his drug addiction.

    • I hadn't watch new episodes of the Kardashians lately.

  • Lamar is addicted to crack...

    That's why they're divorcing. NOT because she's following her mom.

    • I thought Lamar was getting some help with that. Besides even though Khloe never did use drugs, one time she joked about drugs and even held a real drug, when she was in Miami, doing her radio show.

    • My sister is an addict. Unfortunately most of the time it's not as easy as 'get treatment, problem solved!' It's a life long battle that will likely come out over the years.

      I think I also read he cheated with at least two different girls who publicly declared it :s

  • Not surprise, and I really don't care. I personally wish the Kardashian's would disappear, but that won't happen unless they all die.

    • Don't you think wishing death on someone is going a bit too far?

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    • Correct, now you got it.

    • It's just that too many people these days have something negative to say about that family so out of emotions, I kind of over reacted a bit.

  • That has nothing to do with her mother and it looks you haven't been paying attention. They WERENT a happy couple.

    • Every couple have their little arguments, that's what I saw on the Kardashians reality show, but I've never seen anything really out of line between the two of them.

      I know it has nothing to do with her mother, I mention her cause people like to think, well it runs in the family.

  • I really never pay attention to any celeb.

    I could careless what their doing.

    It seems like marriage-divorce is very common with celebrities.

    Very few do any of their marriages ever last.

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  • And not one crap was given by this vato...

    The french fry I am dipping into my ketchup at this McDonalds is more interesting to me (and many people) than the lives of some botox injected, self-absorbed, Hollywood $hit-show.

    • but their show is real reality

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    • Smh

    • If you watch their show, you could understand them more better as human beings. And I mean watch all of their seasons and spin offs.

  • I care more about picking my nose than I do this "news".

  • who gives a fuck. you are not going to meet them so why do you care, worry about your own life.

    • Their lifestyles are rich so of course I'm gonna find them interesting.

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    • you mis-understand what I mean. I would rather be poor to middle class and be happy with what standard things my parents gave me than be around high-end products all the time and women who wear more make-up than plastic dolls. I can't even meet a 19 year old girl who is innocent, I meet some 28 year old chick who has her eyes on $ and being taken care of; it is called get a f... job like a man has to. Kanye is an alcoholic and an embarrassment so I wouldn't be too proud.

    • Even one episode of the Kardashians had Kendall not wanting a big expensive Sweet 16 party, cause she's aware the world has a lot of poor people out there, so (out of the kindness of Khloe's heart) she took Kendall on a trip to where she always gives back to the community. Khloe took her on that trip to show her, as long as you give back, you don't have to feel guilty about the wonderful blessing that you have, Otherwise God would of never bless them to be rich in the first place.

  • Hardly newsworthy if you ask me.

  • Nope getting together because you are rich and famous is not a good reason and so what is that relationship based on? Not alot.


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