How do you get your ex back if they are scared of you hurting them again?

We keep in contact. I think he wants to get back together he isn't the player type. Even tho lately he tries to through fantasy land. After we broke up he said that I had broke his heart. I couldn't tell if. He was just playing games with me or not. That time and recently were the only times he has confessed how he felt. He hasn't told me he loves me since we broke up. He'll pos statuses ect. Sometimes that say I love you and it's fake. He admitted to me once but I already had a feeling they weren't to anyone and I feel like he writes them to me to make me jealous (as if he is seeing someone) we'll anyways after he confessed his feelings to me last time he went complete ghost mode. Except he hasn't deleted me or anything on social networks. He post the same statuses I commented on one and he deleted it. Acknowledged that I wrote it pretty much. At first I thought it was a game but I'm pretty sure it's not that he just has a hard time trusting me. I guess. Because I made abound promise once and didn't keep it backed out last second. And other stuff. I love him so much and getting over him is super hard. I want to break the wall I created against me I guess. He hasn't had a girlfriend since we broke up or anything and he does creep on me on Facebook and stuff he doesn't lie to me. I ask him a question and he is always 100 but he'll be distant after or he'll ignore it if he doesn't want to answer .


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  • you don't. don't try to rush into anything with him, just take it really slow and don't expect anything


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