Boyfriend doesn't do anything for me how do I dump him for good!

I've been with brandon aka Beau for a year on and off & he does the same thing over and over he told me I try to find things wrong and there is nothing wrong. I saw on his Facebook the other day that he went to see the hobbit and said damn sexy chicks dressed up to see the hobbit nerd chicks I like that( which we are not friends on b.c he says I freaked out when a girl said something to him I wasn't comfortable with). I freaked out b.c a girl he plays magic with who has a fiance but I've seen this fiance on a dating site she said I like how buff you are and how you are so nice to me. He told me I needed to grow up, he was on a dating sites till but can't find girls like me so he always comes back, if I stop contacting him he freaks out on me and blows my phone up, he does the same sh*t EVERY TIME we get back together I'm sick of it! we don't go out I bought him lunch and he said I took too long to meet him when I got off work so we ate in the car instead of going inside, he doesn't please me in bed and begs me for head allll the time, he gets pissy with me and his mom if we say no his dad left him at a young age just like mine. He puts me down he called my car a p.o.s when it isn't its a 2000 kia sportage and he had a crappier car than me before,before he totaled it himself & made payments on the new avenger. How do I dump this p.o.s for good he is a pathological liar and I deserve better should I just block him stop communication ignore him for good?


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  • Be honest, just say, look I feel as if this relationship should of stayed as mates, because no matter how hard I try, you always feel like a good mate and not anything more, so I feel as if we should just be mates again and see if we get on better, because right now your not seeing a future with the way we both handle this relationship. He might not like it, but its worded so its not someones fault, its just what it is, and no one can help that, this way you have dumped him but kept respect in place,x


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  • Just tell him it's over and don't respond to anything else he says. Block his number, his accts, etc. If he shows up tell him you're calling the cops if he doesn't leave. Then if he stays, call the cops and get a restraining order. If he still shows up have him put in jail.


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  • Try to say that it's over to him as direct as possible. Don't give any reason's or justification for your decision, as that'll just give him a way to argue against it and plead for a second chance.

    Also, after you break-up with him you should totally disconnect yourself. I'd recommend even deleting conversations with him from your phone, as well as his number as a contact to erase as many reminders of him as possible from your life.

    • i don't agree with the part about not telling him why. tell him why and be done with it ignore what whatever comes after. closure is a must on both sides.

    • yea if depends on the type of guy as well as how it ended for that, of course.

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