Should I just move on? or should I be patient?

My boyfriend just recently asked for space, it's been about two weeks of no contact. He hasn't initiated a conversation with me and I haven't initiated a conversation with him (out of respect that he needed space). The terms of our "break" was that we were both going to have time apart for ourselves and wouldn't see anyone. Overall, there weren't any major problems with our relationship, we just needed to refresh our relationship because we were constantly arguing and fighting over little things and needed to clear the negative emotions we were both feeling. I think he is confused in our relationship right now and can't decide if he wants to break up or stay.

Anyways, I love this boy; we've been dating for years and I could see myself potentially marrying him BUT I'm sick of waiting. If he hasn't contacted me now, should I start walking? I know all relationships have their issues but if he can't decide whether to break up with me or stay with me then I don't want to sit here waiting any longer. I just want to move on!

Obviously it won't be easy to move on right away but I would rather do that then play in a waiting game with him. I'm going crazy! Why hasn't he reached out to me? Should I take this as a sign that he is most likely wanting to break up?


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  • I don't imagine you know what he's thinking. It could go all sorts of ways. You can't assume that he wants this to end until you know more. It was probably a mistake to leave the no contact agreement so open ended. Now neither of you knows whether you can afford to contact the other without violating it. He could be planning to break up or getting his thinking clear to start fresh or wanting to contact you but afraid it would look desperate. You just don't know. You really should give him a chance before you give up on him entirely. When you feel like you can't stand it any longer, you can always ask how long does he mean for this to last because the lack of contact is not helping you further the relationship at all.

  • Move on.


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