I can't seem to move on from this and I don't know how to start?

Almost a year ago I've been going out with this girl for a couple of months, we weren't official but we sleep together, fight and all the couple crap. I stayed through her shit, she was kind of bipolar and has plenty of issues but I thought to myself I should try to understand Because I like her and I thought she liked me back until one day she said something about a guy she just recently met online(fb) who added her, flirt with her..exactly two days after they met she was *poof* gone. I was ignored. So I carried on. I thought at first it was one of those rescuing emergency calls on a bad date, so I stalked her fb, and confirmed that yep there's a guy and not a made-up one. And to my surprise after less than a week they became official, and we went out for 5 months for nothing. She's head over heels for the guy and when they fight she'd come to me. Just recently it happened they broke up, and she told me. It's frustrating! Because I don't know why she had to tell me every time they break up, my moving on will never fully buffer. She makes me sad. Like really low. Because I don't know if I should just laugh about it, I mean they're almost together for a year now and they haven't even met in person. It's like she chose p*rn over sex. It's kind of degrading to have a virtual person chosen over you over a day when you've been together for months.

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  • She likes to have a shoulder to cry on. You gotta just let her go, it'll get easier in time. This girl doesn't realize what she left and will only realize it once you're gone!

    Tell her you don't think you can continue being her friend in this way and that you are moving on. Tell her you wish her the best, but for your own good you need to move on, you are doing what's best for you. Let her know that you guys had good times in the past but you can no longer be her shoulder to cry on, you need to move ahead in life.

    This also means to avoid Facebooking her or boyfriend, delete delete delete!

    She wasn't the right one for you if she continues to treat you this way, she likes the attention she's getting from you. You probably give her advice, which she also appreciates. She wants to keep you as back up. Be the strong one and step away, you'll have a big weight lifted off your chest once you've moved on to a better women who is committed to you.


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  • You need to ignore her..take time to yourself to think. You can never forget her or get over her if she's always in your face finding a reason to weasel her way back into your life. You do realize your the only one waiting here? she went ahead and left and got her a fb hubby.


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  • Wow, dude, you are her doormat! Sure you love her, but instead of thinking of the good times you once had, instead think about how she treats you. If you want to stoke someones ego so much that they can do whatever they want then come crawling back to you every time it doesn't work out, then keep talking to her. Otherwise, simply ignore her. one year, minimum.

    Then maybe, just maybe, she will come to her senses and realize NOT having you is much worse and commit.

  • Fuck her dude. Just move on


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