How should I break the ice again and should I even bother contacting her?

Long story short, I met this girl, in the beginning of the school year, we hung out several times, and I just let her know my feelings this past November, and after that she lets just say rejected me, and said she doesn't have "feelings like that", we haven't texted ever since I told her my feelings and it's going on a month starting this week. Should I contact her through text? Even so, what do I say and how do I break the ice? Should I even bother contacting her? I miss her, a lot, and she is a cool person, last time we contacted was this past week in person when we ran into each other but we haven't texted since it happened a month ago. I mean when we discussed some times, she did say, I was good looking but she's just looking for a friend right now. So what do I do? I really like her, and it's during school break and I get super lonely, w/o having anyone to talk to or hangout with, I want to talk to her/text her and maybe try to hangout again without it being awkward, should I even bother asking her to hangout if I do contact her?

Also, I believe that maybe a friendship can lead into a relationship later on, but, maybe should I even keep her as a friend?

What do to, so many questions. Detailed advice appreciated.


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  • Wow, so first you tell me you just want a friend, and then you go missing under the radar, no call, text, anything, dang girl...jk so how you been

    • Hmm wouldn't that creep her out? She she needs time because she doesn't want to feel awkward so we haven't even hungout anymore.

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  • Dont contact her. She was the one who turned you down, so the ball is in her court now. If she really wants to be your friend let her prove it! If she doesn't contact you well then I guess youve escaped a crappy friend!

    • She never contacted first, ever, before, I let my feelings know, she said she's clumsy and forgets, because I asked her one day that why doesn't she answer texts or takes forever to reply, she said don't take it personal, she does it to everyone.

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    • But I miss her, a lot. I miss her face, I miss her expressions she used to make when we talked, I miss texting her, and hanging out with her when I did. Ah.

    • I completely understand, but listen to me when I say that if you were to meet up tomorro and had a great day together, you would be even worse off because you would be right back to square one now! I know how tough it is, trust me! I used to check my girls Facebook page about 100 times a day but thankfully getting that down below the 10 mark these days! What is for you will not pass you, that's what I believe!

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