Please help me. Should I tell him I like him? he's moving forever

So told this guy I liked him back in sepr before he went to the military. We wrote letters and we really liked each other. We had a whole plan to be together after he comes back from thw military in Dec. However. He got dropped Mid Oct and he came back. So plan A ruined. He came back mid oct. We went in dates etc etc and o. 3rd date we made out. After that the following wk he found out he is leaving to Ecuador once New finished. Since he is dropped from the marinws his family wants him to go home for school and he doesn't wanna disappointed or be selfish so he is going to move to Ecuador with his other family relatives. So we ended all chemistry between us by Nov. Bur I don't wanna sound like a desperate women etc

I seriously fell in love with him or almost did those days we went out or just talked on the phone and letters. I miss him and I really don't wanna let him go but we both know we have to before we really hurt ourselves. he's never coning back to the USA until he finishes school, maybe! So I probably will never see him again.

Should I tell him how I really feel and that I miss him? He leaves In a month from now Jan 15 and I don't know he's the only mature guy whos really made me so happy.


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  • Yes if I was you I would tell him how you feel because if not then you might regret it if you don't.Also you may never have the chance to tell him how you feel.Wow the whole thing really sucks and it's sad. :( Even if he does finishes school hopefully he comes back to the usa. I hope things work out for you.I think the toughest part of this will be watching him leave.

    • I been in 3 amazing long term relationships but they all eventually ended and I've been in love but when I'm with him... its so different. And he made my other relationships look so bad lol but beside that. Him himseld was the exact ideal image of perfect for me. A marine, strong, good goals and very very respectful. He's not rich rich but he managaes to make me feel so beautiful. And even though its been 3 dates only. It was beyond falling in love-ish. He's leaving for engineering too.OMFG <3

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    • Amen.hey do you have a kik? If you do add me Miss_Anna095

    • Hey, Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer. And sadly I don't have a kik account. :( But if you ever wanted to just text me you can inbox me your number if you want to.Or you can email to if you want.

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