Did he lose interest, was he never interested or did I turn him off?

I am a bit confused about what happened with this guy. I don't know if I played it too cool and he lost interest or if he never had any interest to start with.

I met Josh at bar awhile back and we went on several great dates. At the same time I was dating Matt, who I also went on several great dates with. Josh just seemed to fade away as he worked out of town and didn't really contact me too often. So naturally thing progressed with Matt who eventually became by partner for 2 years. Matt and I have been broken up for 2 years. For the first 6 months I was still receiving calls from Josh asking me out when he knew I was seeing somebody. He was saying that I should give him a shot etc.

Ever since this break up I have been very careful about who I choose to date.

4 years later I run into Josh while at a bar with friends. We hit it off exactly like we used to, but get along even better than before. So we begin to spend some time together.

However there seems to be something missing on the communication front. Where we say we will meet up but it takes a long time for it to happen (weeks). We are both busy working and both have a fairly busy social calendar.

We text/call when we can't see each other. Although, I received a Hey Kat, I miss you. to which I responded with a simple :) Is that bad?

When we do get together I always have a great time, he seems to as well.

We were at a bar and he actually said "we aren't very good at the meeting up thing." "What are you doing on Wednesday night? Want to see a movie?" I started talking but I never answered yes or no to see a movie, something distracted me.

I went to the bathroom and got back he was said he had to leave, kissed me on the cheek and that was the last I have heard from him.

It is now over 2 weeks later and I haven't heard from him. I called him the next day but no answer, than a week and a half later I sent him a text but no response.

I'm okay because I don't want to be with somebody if they aren't mature enough to return a simple call/text to explain. But I just want to know if my actions were enough to push him away or if he wasn't interested in the first place.



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  • he lost interest...


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