I want to feel sexy again .. have I wasted my time

really would like advice from people 20 or over at least . Ladies this is more a question for you but men can give there input as well . I will give you my situation and you tell me your thoughts about it and what you would do . also if you been in this situation before I would love your advice .

Ok lets say a girl met a guy when she was 17 and he was 27 . the girl falls head over heals inlove with this man and for the next few years they date . she is all about him and loves him with all her soul .. he on the other hand is somewhat leading her on . he acts like he cares for her and treats her good makeing her think he loves her to . BUT he is really still inlove with his ex and cheats on her with his ex . now she is heart broken something awful he tells her he will never see his ex agian and because she is young and inlove she believes him and takes him back . they date for a few more years .. so now all together its been about 4 years dating .. they talk on the phone everyday because she has now moved 5 hours away . he don't have a car so he takes the bus to come see her at least once or twice a year now and stays with her a few weeks at a time. during this time she wants him to come move in with her but he never does and claims he don't want to leave where he is becuase his dad is in bad health .. and he was . she still stays with him even tho months go by without seeing him .. it is becomeing overwelming how bad she misses him and every time he comes to see her when it comes time to leave it rips her heart out becuase she never knows how long till she see him again .. they still talk for hours everynight and are best friends and lovers. then she finds out after 6 years of this relationship that he is still talking to his ex .. the same one he cheated with !. when she finds this out she breaks it off with him and tries so hard to move on . she starts dateing other men and trying to forget about him .. she even married a differnt man and it only lasted a year and a half becuase she was still so inlove with him that she didn't love anyone but him and got back with him and divorced her then husband. she is happy to be divored becuase they husband she had she was really not inlove with . NOW the guy starts comming to see her more often and they pick up where they left off. his dad passes away and NOW after 10 years of this relationship ..most of it a long dist. relationship.. he finally moves down to where she is at and ask her to marry him ! she has waited 10 years to be with him and is over joyed thinking she will never have another night crying her eyes out missing him again ! .. then she finds out that not even a month before comming to live with her he had met a
woman online and had sex with her 3 times . she even found a naked picture of this woman on his computer.. but what happens..well she is hurt but tries to move on and be with him anyway becuase now he is here and this is what she always wanted. they get married , get there own
place and he is a good husband to her now but now she is 29 years old and he is 39 and she is a grown women now and feels like she waisted a lot of time on this one person he hurt her so bad. she loves him so much still that she can't ever imagine herself without him but he now never has
sex with her and the only time he does he don't seem that into it . now she feels unsexy to him now and feels like she never got achance to just be herself and have fun . Other men pay attention to her but she don't want to cheat at all because she would never want to hurt him at all


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  • You need counseling!

    • I do agree with that . I do see now how silly I was back then .. I don't care as much now as I did then and I do think I should have left back then . its hard to now because I been there so long .. idk

    • What state are you in now?

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  • Hit the nearest spa


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