He didn't text me back, I feel rejected, how do I have the last word?

A guy that I expressed interest in, went out for a coffee together. I didn't find myself physically or even emotionally attracted to him. He didn't text me, so I text him about 4 days later asking how he was. He replied, I replied and now almost 2 days later. No reply. I didn't text him with any questions but I did say I saw something we had spoke about and that it made me think of him. I wish I could swallow my pride but I really can't, and need to have the last word somehow.

Originally we were supposed to have been meeting up a few weeks ago, but he ignored it and then I stopped texting him, I was fine with that as I had the last word (by not replying).

I don't get it- I'm a pretty girl and I get attention from various people. I'm not boring either, if anything he was!


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  • I'm confused:. You were not at all attracted to him (no doubt he noticed) and you're upset that he isn't texting you? Is the idea that you want to reject him? Why not just leave it as it is: a promising date that didn't work out for either of you. And since you had the last word, why do you need to have it again?


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