Is this a good thing?!

So I like a guy. He is a twin. Of course I can tell them apart. The twin that I do not like in that way is like a brother to me. The twin I do like likes another girl. We used to flirt and hang out all of the time but now all he wants to do is be with her. The twin I do not like in that way always tries to push me and his twin together to hang out more. He knows that I like his twin brother and he wants to keep us together. Whenever I hug the one I like he goes awww loud! Does this mean he wants us back together?


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  • It is kindaa good thing but there is only so much his brother can do to help you. The rest is up to you because ya can't control the others feelings. So yes it is help full now make a move or something so you can get his attention.

    • I have his attention he already told me he loves me but we are being just friends. He also likes this other girl at the moment, but I can tell he still has feelings for me.

    • So ya can't be together because he like someone else. Please don't tell me he's trying to make up his mind on who to date, if that's the case don't wait around for him. If he loved you like he says he does he should be with you.

    • I agree, people say I should get over him but I cant! I love him alot.

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