Could it be easy to get my ex girlfriend back?

We broke up because of an argument we had 3 weeks ago, she told me that she "wasn't ready for a relationship yet" but I know as a fact that it was because I was such an *** to her when I was drunk :/

But I remember when she did break up with me she did cry about it quite a bit ... I've never seen her cry before and she told me she never usually does.

After a week of No Contact she actually came to ask me how I was doing when I was talking to a friend, but like an idiot my friend ran into the kitchen and my ex girlfriend saw him and walked off...

Besides that she hasn't texted, called me and she's even ignoring me.

What's going on?

P.S just to make things clear we had a lot of fun together during the month, we travelled together by car to a couple cities to visit and shared great times alone together. The only times that were bad is when I was drunk and in my most sensitive state - and God I regret it :(


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  • I've been in her situation before of not really wanting to be in a relationship but giving it a try anyway.

    When something bad happens it almost solidifies our first thought of not wanting a relationship so it's ended.

    She broke up with you and is moving on. That's why you're not hearing from her.

    It was just a month. Cut your losses.

    • I just don't get it ... I remember telling her right at the start to think things over before we got into anything serious and she said she wants me.

      it's surprising how only one month can do this to you.

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    • Shouldn't***

    • And after reading the question again she's ignoring you! This is an excellent indication she doesn't want to get back together...

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  • NO, move on

  • Sounds like she is moving on. You might have to do the same.

    • I just don't get why she's so angry if she wanted space? ... she asked me when she broke up with me to give it to her and I did ... now she won't even talk to me or acknowledge I'm there or even give me a "hit" ...

    • *Might* .. I've got a chance then. I'm going to send her a text tomorrow asking for a *casual* meet up and tell her what I want.

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