Why moving on is so hard?

i feel like I m not getting any better over the past few months and keep thinking about him :'(

like the other day I couldn't help crying again in my room, and landlord actually knocked on my door to see what's wrong with me.

i know it takes time and the duration depends on people.

i wanted to start seeing someone else but I always think of him and even though am interested in somebody, it is so hard to crush on them if you get me


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  • At least learn to cry quietly. Having your landlord knock on the door means you're crying so loud you're just looking for attention like a drama queen.

    • i cry a lot and most of the time I cry quietly

      was listening to music the other day

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    • so you thought when somebody is crying loudly and didn't realize how loud that was, you reckon they are having fun?

    • I reckon they are attention seeking.

What Girls Said 1

  • The more you loved someone the longer it takes. I also found the fewer times you have had your heart broken the longer it takes. It's a combination of the two. My last heart break was brutal to get over and I am still not completely over it even though it has been three years and I have been in a relationship with someone I love and care about for 2 years. I don't think of the ex on a daily basis or anything but once in a while and hope he is doing well.

    When I left my husband, I was heart broken but it was not hard to get over since he turned into a jerk over the years and while I still loved him for the person he used to be, it was not that hard to get over.

    I am much older than you so have had a several heart breaks over the years.

    • seriously we were together not that long and alright he was the 2nd one and I broke my heart for the first time

      i figured it out that I still got myself hooked, that's why am not healing or doing exactly the same thing after a few weeks.

      i will get myself off hook, I want to make thing clear and hoping will heal quicker because he is turning into a jerk, I was always so trust in hime

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