Should I send a Christmas candy gram to my ex love interest?

We were never boyfriend and girlfriend but we had a romantic relationship. He said (over fb) we couldn't do stuff anymore because he's "getting into things with B". The last time I spoke to him it was October 13th when he broke it off. When a guy breaks things off with me I don't speak to him for at least a month. I get that when someone say they doesn't wunna see you anymore, it means they don't wunna see you anymore. I respected his wishes telling him I enjoyed what we shared and I hope he finds what he's looking for and disappeared. I've come to realize, although he made his choice not to see me anymore I still value his friendship and I want him to be apart of my life. There is a part of me that misses him and all the little cute things we shared together. I don't know how else to open our relationship back up but sending him a friendly candy gram: "Happy Holidays from your old Pal BahamianBombshell". What do you think?


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  • No, you should send it to me so I can eat the candy.

    Nom nom.


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  • I'm surprised you aren't sending him something like a jar of itching powder! Why be nice to a guy who is 'getting into things' with someone else?

    That's just rude!


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  • no you don't


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