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i'll keep it short

its really been bugging me. me and my girlfriend of one and a half years split last summer. We would talk in the first month of breaking up where I had a rubbish one night stand with a girl I met through the internet. Me and my ex then met up had sex and spent the night and day together. After she was not happy saying we never speak and I simply just ignored her and in that time we didn't contact each other for 3 weeks. in that time I had sex with another girl multiple times. I then decided to try and meet my ex just for sex as I thought I didn't have feelings. She was crazy on it but said after the weekend wed meet. During the weekend I gave her space and on the Sunday I tried to contact her. no answer until late afternoon I knew something was up. in that time she had a cheap one night stand with someone from her friend group. the group I always knew something was up when she went out with them. it destroyed me inside but I didn't find out she did this until a month later. in that month I slept with one more girl I met off the internet... after we both told each other what we did we are now back together. not officially but we've agreed not to sleep with other people. I can't get over what she did even though I slept with 3 girls. the person she slept with will be at lots of her social events so I've had to restrict her from going to places he ever goes. the girls I slept with were randoms so I doubt ll see them again. it hurts so much thinking about what she did. can I use the fact I slept with 3 girls help me get over what she did... can me and my ex girlfriend ever work or will it be non stop torture...?


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  • You need to break up


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