How do you know he is going to break up?

Do they stop having sex? Text less often? What are some of the signs a man is going to break up with you.

Recently he got off all the dating sites

Told me we could not have sex any longer due to religious reasons

vacillates from syrupy sweet to disengaged and indifferent

Update.. this is someone I have dated for the past one year 6 months and have had sex with. He did not want to be exclusive with me for most of this time and has been seeing others.. unfortunately I agreed to this. I thought we were getting closer this summer when he introduced me to his kids and family and I spent Thanksgiving with him and his kids.

I am separated and not legally divorced yet--financial reasons so he mentioned this, however it never bothered him before.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Is this someone you've been dating and having sex with? Or someone you were hoping to get together with?

    Chances are there's more to his behavior than what he's told you. He's distancing himself from you for a reason and might be too cowardly to tell you the truth about the real situation. (Some guys are so afraid of confrontation they just stop communicating rather than telling us they are no longer interested).

    Either way I'd wish him the best and then move forward towards meeting someone else who isn't distancing himself from you.


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What Guys Said 1

  • A lot of religous guys always try to find some justification for breaking up, as if God had to approve.

    It sounds like he'snow looking for reasons to break up, and finding them. The sudden prohibition on sex, playoing on your divorce not being final..


What Girls Said 2

  • He became distant. You had to be the one to suggest meeting up, he doesn't sound very interested but may still hang out with you, but then he eventually turns you down (by making up some excuses). You had to be the one to initiate contact, he may still reply but with very simple answers, or ignore some of the texts you send.

    He may not tell you he wants to break up, but instead just distance himself from you and just let things fade away.

    At least this is what happened to me, in the end I decided to call him one last time and then he finally broke up with me.

  • he becomes distant


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