My girlfriend thinks I'm cheating and I'm not.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and early on in our relationship we broke up for two weeks and I messed around with another girl we got back together and she found out she said she forgave me but as of a month ago she started accusing me of cheating hard core and the gods honest truth is I am not I've gone out of my way to try and prove to her I'm not talking to her for hours a day while I'm at work on my lunch breaks when I get off work all the way home we lived together and still she believes I'm a cheating fool she has now left what do I do ?


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  • it sounds like she's not willing to let go of whatever happened when you two took a break. if she's not willing to let it go or in all honestly forgive you for what happened when you two took a break then I'd have to leave it at that. just give things as much time as needed and give her the space she needs to. in the meantime I'd consider what it is what you want in life and what you're willing to put up with and not in a relationship. and one last comment, if you two honestly took a break and you ended up fooling around with another girl well then that's what happened. you were on a break and there was absolutely no assurance that there was a committed relationship between you two so I wouldn't feel bad about it if I was you. take care.


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  • You just tell her that you guys weren't together when it happened, and that it stopped when you got back together. And that she should believe you or you have a relationship problem.

    In all honesty, she probably knows that. She must be mad at you for something else. So tell her to cut the crap and to tell her what's the real problem.


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