Does my friend/co worker like me?

So this is going to be long and stupid but...

I have a friend that I've been working with for about 6 years. I've always found him fascinating to watch (not it a creepy way). It's just something about him. Just a week or so ago I realized that I was starting to have a crush on him.

We've always gotten along and work well together. We talk quite a bit about music, as we like the same genres/songs. We have a few friends/co workers in common, but we've only ever hung out once (group thing).

When we've run into each other either walking home (we both have the same route) or walking to work, or even when I see him when I come into work, we both smile and sometimes raise our/his eyebrows in the "hi" gesture. We also tease each other sometimes too, in a playful way.

I've definitely been flirting with him lately and I think he's been flirting back. He's kinda quiet, but has no problem making people laugh and being silly.

Here's what I've noticed in the last week or two:

1. He doesn't normally say my name, but when he has it's been soft and quiet.

2. I know he's noticed me making eye contact, and he's sometimes looked back and I get the impression that he looks at me when I'm not looking.

3. We were listening to music at work. I said, "is that it?" cause I thought it was then end of a playlist or something. He said it wasn't a playlist, and that he listens to it when he goes the gym and "pumps iron." (He is not buff and was joking, but I know he does workout).

4. I've noticed that his body language (unless I'm over reading it) points towards me sometimes- though it could be towards another female co worker. I don't know .

5. Today when I walked into the room we noticed each other and he seemed to perk up and was all, "I thought you were working graduation"-(I work at a campus bookstore and there was a grad ceremony today).

6. At work when I'm packing up heavy boxes of books, he's come over and stood there waiting for me to give him the box. Yesterday he was talking to a co worker and I think he was asking where I was (I was on the floor packing a box so he couldn't see me).

7. If we're closing together I notice he comes to the registers a little more frequently than past years. Again, I don't know if it's me or anything.

I don't know if I'm reading too much into everything and I'm more than happy to wait it out to see if there are anymore signals or what not. He and I are both sassy/sarcastic people with dry humor, but he's also been a bit moody lately too.

He is also an absolute gentleman and does hold open doors for people,etc.


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  • It's always possible that these are a series of unrelated coincidences. Taken together they do suggest interest, but it's hard to say for certain. I will say that the amount of energy you've devoted to this so far suggests that you are interested. Perhaps you need to be more overt about showing him your interest in case he's holding back in uncertainty. I don't get the sense that you're doing that now, which may be why he is flirting around the edges, so to speak.


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