What's really going on?

I feel that my boyfriend treats his 4 and 5year old better than ou 5 week old.He bought them about three hundred dollars worth of clothes and learning activities and only spent about $50 worth of things if even that much. He also told me he use to stay up with his other kids when they were restless as babies but yet I'm the only one who gets up with ours when he wakes during the night...he keeps the 4 and5 year old for two wdeks every Xmas but yet won't even watch oue 5week old for me to get a break so why do his other bm get a 2week break and I can't even get tao hours alone or even an hour? What is really going on?


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  • Tell him how you feel. Maybe he doesn't realize he is doing this.

    Or perhaps he's not telling you something that he feels.

    The best way to go about this is honesty.

    • I kind of wonder if he is creeping with his other bm it seems to me that she gets whatever she wants from him because she always throw the kids up in his face. I'm just so sick of her and her shenanigans. I don'like her because she knows how to get what she wants from him by threatening not to let him see his kids

    • Well perhaps she started out like you, not getting much at all.

      I hate to say it but if you feel he isn't doing enough for your new born maybe you need to tell him the relationship can be over if he doesn't wake up after you having the talk with him.

  • Maybe he hasn't connected with the baby yet

    • Maybe not but seems like it should be an instant connection being that it's his child.

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