He lied to me, then tried to make it up to me. Will he ever ask me out?

There's this guy I've been hooking up with since March. We both met in residence together (1st year), and we live in different buildings this year (2nd year) but see eachother twice a week and have sleepovers. Everything was going well, and he said he was leaving town to see his family for the holidays on the Tuesday that passed.

The other night, I got invited to this party. It is basically a get together with the people that lived in residence all together last year. So they all knew me and I arrived with one of my guy friends. As soon as we walked in, all I saw is the guy I'm hooking up with staring at me. He was supposed to be gone back home for the holidays by then. Then he came to me and said "Well...this couldn't get anymore awkward haha... yeahhh I decided not to go back on Monday but next week instead".

Throughout the entire night, he didn't approach me, not once. People knew that we have "a thing" and they were listening to him talk crap about my guy friend.

When he decided to leave, he came up to me and gave me a hug, and made eye contact with my guy friend and gave him this "dirty look".

A few days later, he texted me saying "Sorry about the other night... I'll make it up to u". I said "Alright", of course I was pissed off. Then he replied with "Have a good xmas!" I didn't reply and he wrote "Did you finish school?" and "Did you go home yet?". So I decided to reply and I told him I was leaving tomorrow and he said "Me too, you would like to go out for a drink tonight or do you have plans?"

So we went out for drinks/appetizers and I asked him why he lied to me about leaving so soon. He told me that he had to finish his exams, start packing and planned a few things with his buds and thought he wouldn't have time to see me again...He was acting really polite and paid for everything. I'm still a little sketched out about this.

Not sure what to think...and we've been seeing eachother for so long too. Is he ever going to ask me out? Valentine's day is less than 2 months away...

Valentines Day

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  • Don't be pathetic. You've been fucking this guy for almost a year and you're on here asking if he'll ever ask you out? *slaps some sense into you* You're better than that. You're more than being led on, dangling like a string, being played with like a yo-yo. If you want a relationship then you should go for a guy who clearly wants that. Having sex and sleeping over since March is more than enough time. It's been 9 months! That is the length of an entire pregnancy. You could have been dating another guy and met his parents by now. Stop wasting your time on this guy who only wants to play games and have sex with you. You're falling for his mixed signals. He may be polite and pay for everything but he's not your man. I think you need to charge it to the game and move on before you really get hurt. You'll feel awful if you've been waiting around all this time and you see him with another girl. Don't expect honesty from a guy who is not committed to you.

Valentines Day