Liking a guy who may or may not be single?

So I have kind of a unique situation here. There's this guy whom somewhat pursued me this summer. He did this despite me being very open about my relationship with an ex that was still on and off going. He was however, very respectful in the beginning but I honestly thought our relationship was going to be a "friends with benefits" scenario. Anyhow, this guy ended up being awesome and we spent pretty much the entire summer together. Then, things got awkward when I started working with him (I had applied to the store before I met him and a mutual friend recommended me). I found out that he was about to see his ex girlfriend whom lives far away for a week. Our relationship was never really talked about but we expressed liking each other. Anyhow, before he left I decided to end it because I was really turned off by this. Anyhow, to make a long story somewhat short, he came back and wanted to hang out right away despite the fact he had gotten back with his ex girlfriend. We managed to stay friends and hang out every once in a while and I kept my distance. However, I still feel this attraction and I also think that he is no longer with this girl. I feel like this also just happened so I would like to avoid being the rebound. I'm wondering what my move is here? Should I forget about it or initiate something he admitted to being shy over? Also I should mention, at the place I work at, there's a lot of people who are shacked up there haha, so I would not be breaking any company rules.


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  • He's probably been in a rebound phase, so you shoud continue to keep your distance a little.

    Also, there's the work gossip milll; even if the company has no rules, that can make things uncomfortable for both of you, when you aren't sure where the relationshp is going.l

    Both of you have sort of been with other people, so you havne't had a clear field in your relationshp with each other.

    I would wait until neither of you has any 'kind-of' or 'maybe' things going on in your lives, before trying to get into a formal relationship yourselves.


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  • I would move on


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