Not a good time for a relationship with someone from the past, advice?

without going into too much detail , there was this girl a was really into in high school,not in an obsessive way more like a playful way , she was a little playful back but was dating this guy so nothing happened, we both ended up going to the same college for a year when she was single and we planned on meeting up for a date sometime and see if there was anything between us, but we lost connection for whatever reason, I think on her end she just stopped texting. over the course of that year a chain of really good events happen for me , that for a lack of better terms made me feel "very cool" where I wasn't really thinking about her at this time because I had so much stuff going on , but I told myself that if I did go on the offensive and pursued her then, it would be a done deal and I could have her. A year later I'm still feeling pretty "cool" and I drop out of school to move out to LA and pursue some stuff. While I had fun, I ran out of money pretty quick and kind of panicked and moved back home. At this stage in time I feel "not as cool" for a lack of better terms. So I'm just laying around one day and she just texts me out of the blue , which was even more shocking to me cause we didn't even text that much when we were "talking" back in the day. in her texts she was acting towards me how I used to act towards her, overly playful/flirtatious and very forward, and she wants to hang out soon (something she proposed not me). So old me wouldve loved this opportunity, but I don't feel like the old me right now, I don't feel on top of the world because I'm not , and I don't look bad or anything but I feel like right now at least I look a little rougher around the edges than I did when she last saw me. Neither of those things really bothers or depresses me though, I just look at it as a cycle I've been in that I can get it out of easily as long as I try to get out of it , but to do that would take time , and she wants to get together now. I told her I would find a date when I'm available and get back to her , and she texted back really excited like she can't wait, but that was a week ago and I don't have any plans to text her back in the upcoming weeks.

I don't know if I should just be really honest and just tell her I'm still really into her but its just a weird time for me, or just go out with her even though I feel out of sorts and kind of living with my parents (which she knows but w/e) , or just not communicate with her at all, sort things out in my life, and then hit her up on the chance she's still interested and single, I mean she has stood me up once seems fair .

Im definietly over thinking this, and almost definitely thinking about this way more than she is , hell she mightve just want a bootycall when she contacted me and nothing serious , but that would be really hard for me to think of her as a bootycall. But if anyone has been in a situation similar situation or can put themselves in mine or her shoes , Id like to know what you think
in an attempt to not go into too much detail... I probably overshared and gave really tedious unnecessary details, but I was buzzed when I submitted it and thought why not


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  • If you're keen go but if you don't want anything take the first option, you'll know deep down which if those two is right for you, either way don't just ignore her


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  • I understand your situation (at least how you described it) and can honestly tell you there will never be a "perfect" or "right" time to go after her. You just have to go through with it and contact her and say you want to go out on a date, and when you do just talk with her about your stuff man. You're not going through as bad of a time as you think. Sure, you're going through quite a lot, but maybe she can help you man.

    If you talk and eventually go on a date (hopefully multiple) then maybe it can spark into something serious between you two. Just tell her you are still into her and that you want to see where this goes, but you have a lot going on so she'll have to bear with you during this time. If she sticks with you than you have a keeper man! You two could have something very special (like you always wanted) all you have to do is it give it a try and be yourself bud.

    I hope this helped man, hit me up if you need anything else


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