Does she like me? sorry if a long response.

I'm a freshmen in college, and I've known this girl for about 4 months now. I'm really good friends with her roommate, and through the roommate I got to know her. We also had a class together. She's really attractive, and seemingly out of my league. We have many of the same interests. Our friendship started out with her and her roommate hanging out with me. Over the last few months, we hung out more all together, and things were going great. I quit drinking for her, and the night I told her this she said if I ever wanted to go for a walk her room was always open. I know that's her just being supportive. She also gave me her number that night and invited me to the library the next day. Over the next few weeks we hung out with her roommate, and things were going well. In the whole of November and early December she got more and more physical with me, like kicking me alot, punching me, among other things. A week after I quit drinking for her, she freaked out at me over a miscommunication and freaked me out. I was really disturbed, but she wrote me a note of apology, and things were better. After this things got weird. I didn't know how to move on, so I put things on hiatus. Then two weeks ago, I hung out with her and her roommate again, and she was really physical. Like rubbing her leg against my head, putting conditioner in my hair, and spraying me with perfume. And she's been calling me a nickname for the last few weeks. We hung out together alone after that night, and that's when I figured she liked me. She's also always insulting me in a kind of flirty way. I'm not sure because she is more attractive than I am. I don't know. We have plans to talk in private when I get back from break, and I was going to ask her out. What do you guys think?


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  • Sounds like she likes you. Maybe plan on inviting her on a real date when you get back from break.

  • I would say that she does.


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