So my ex and I were seeing each other on and off I wanna get your opinion and see if you think he may care?

My ex and I started seeing each other again on and off and he broke it off again. He said he wanted to talk to me so he came over and that's when he said we needed to end things. He said if I had any objections or anything to speak now. I paused and calmly said, "hold on let me think for a minute. " Anyway the night continued and I told him I fell in love with him and what about him and I? I said all of this in a nice way. Not crying or anything. I said, "aren't you gonna miss my pretty face," than as the night continued we started laughing and joking and things went well. No yelling or crying. Than he got comfortable and we had sex. So after he left I was pretty stoned and I called he didn't answer, than I called again and no answer but a few seconds later he called back. I asked him to come back because I was never gonna see him again. He said I'd probably see him again in a couple of months. Anyway I went to sleep. Two days later I bumped into him again. I said hi very friendly and he said hi and we talked for a minute. He said he had to go and I said OK and said goodbye. Well a week went by and I text and told him how unhappy I was and I wanted to talk. He took the time to call me on his break and said what's the matter. I told him I have a bad habit of letting people walk out of my life and I didn't want him to just walk out cause he is one of the most important people to me. He listened and I asked if I didn't send so many pictures and back off by not sending sex texts if he could think about are relationship, he said that's a start and he would think about it. Anyway its been 10 days I haven't called and I have been avoid bumping into him, besides its hard and I cry afterward I figure this is best. So my question is do you think he may call again. I mean when we first broke up he didn't text or call me back like he did this time. Does it sound like he may care a little?


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  • There is a reason they're called ex's.It will just be a shorter amount of time this time before you break up again.That simple!


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  • I've experienced something like this. But to be honest, I think he cares a little, but not nearly enough to make you happy ever. Are you attached to HIM or the memories he gave you? Be honest with yourself. He came over, told you he wanted to end things & then engaged in sex? That's cruel & wrong of him. He's leading you on. He can take advantage of you because he knows how you feel about him, so he's not going to respect you. I've been in that situation, and you might be like me; in complete denial. But trust me, when you find someone who loves you & treats you right, you'll see. I promise you. He may call, but he'll want you to pity him. He'll call because you'll do what he wants. It's a sad thing! But do what's best for YOU. And I think you know what that is. :)

    • Thanks for answering that. When you say pity him what do you mean?

    • I mean that he just wants you to feel bad. He feels like he's still got control. Don't let him do that!

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