My cousin keeps canceling on her boyfriend & he's angry. What should she say so he doesn't break up with her?

Okay, so my cousin is a senior in high school and her boyfriend is a basketball player. My cousin got out of a relationship with a douchey guy in September so my aunt feels it is too soon for her to date. She's in a relationship with a new guy and I think he's a good guy. But, my cousin didn't tell her mom because she's waiting until the right time. Her boyfriend sees her everyday at school, but understandably, he wants to see her out of school, too. They've had several situations where she's made plans with him but had to last minute cancel because of situations going on in her house. I've told her several times to tell her mom, but she refuses. Today, she missed an important game. She texted him saying she can't go and after a while he texted her saying he's not surprised and he doesn't care anymore. She keeps texting him saying she's sorry and she'll find a date but she missed an important game and he's hurt. I know she doesn't really deserve to have such a good guy, but she's been in so many bad relationships and he's such a great guy that she's being better to herself. What do you think she should say so he won't break up with her? Thank you all so much.


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  • Firstly, she should be the one putting up this question not you. Secondly, it depends on how long or how many times this has been going on, usually after a few times the guy would get pissed, furthermore her missing an important game isn't cool. That said, she needs to find some time to really talk to him and convey it to him that she still wants the relationship.

    • Thank you for that wonderful advice. But for the record, she doesn't have a GAG account and she was too much of an emotional wreck to do anything.

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